Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday - Ezekiel 36:25-28

My Spirit Within

This idea is so fascinating and even overwhelming that God would desire for us so much that He would put His Spirit within us and cause us to walk in His statutes and do them. But this passage should reveal to us some important things.

For one, we should realize that without His Spirit we are unable to do anything good. Romans 7:18 says, "For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells". So in our flesh, NOTHING good dwells; that is, by our own means, in our own strength, we are unable to perform what is good. So then how are we able to walk according to God's will? This brings us to our second realization.

If we are to perform what is good it must be done in the Holy Spirit, by the Holy Spirit, and through the Holy Spirit. That is why God put the Holy Spirit inside of us, so that we are able to live for God. Without Him we would be unable to perform what is good. Therefore, we need the Holy Spirit more than we may even know; which leads to our third realization.

If we do not realize our necessity of the Holy Spirit then we, most likely, are not having a continual and daily fellowship with Him. We may seem to be doing good outwardly, as far as ministry, church attendance and so forth; but if done in our own strength, we will grow weary of it or we will be led away from Gods will and on to our own will. Though many might say we are alive, yet the Lord would say, "but you are dead!"

Therefore, realize that in our own selves nothing good dwells, if we are to perform what is God's will then we must have a daily devoted relationship and life in the Holy Spirit and to the Lord. We must find our source for everything through God's Spirit, not man.

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