Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday - Revelation 2:1-7

Review: The church of Ephesus

Name: The desired one

Jesus' Attributes: The one who desires to be one with you. He holds you in His hand and He is in your midst. We abide in Him and He abides in Us. We are one, a love relationship.

Commendations: They labor in weariness but do not grow weary of Gods work. They hold fast to doctrinal truths and do not put up with deceivers. They are busy at Gods work.

Concerns: They left the reason for everything, this love relationship with Jesus. They studied the Word to defend but not to draw close. Their works did not come from an overflow of having a personal relationship with Jesus. They left their first love.

Exhortation: Remember, Repent, and Return. Return to the basics; when you just read the Word so that you could hear God personally speak to you, when you prayed for things just because you wanted to speak to God and see Him answer. Let the love of Jesus be the motive for all that you do or else He will remove his lampstand (His church) from Ephesus.

Promise: He who overcomes will eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God!

FYI: There is no church in Ephesus today, and never will be, because the water levels have immersed what was once Ephesus. Jesus truly removed His lampstand permanently.

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