Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday - Revelation 2:8-11

Review: The church of Smyrna

Name: Myrrh - a fragrance that is brought forth by being crushed

Jesus Attributes: He is the One, who was also a martyr. He has been through it all as well and will be with them as they go through what he already has gone through. He is the testimony that though they can take our life, they cannot touch our souls; even as he rose from the grave, so shall we.

Commendations: They are faithful in their persecution. Though they are poor to man's standards, yet in God, they are rich. They have given all and are fully investing in Eternity.

Concerns: None

Exhoration: People have said that Gods will is for us not to suffer persecution but this is entirely false. Here, Jesus tells them they will have to suffer persecution for His name, but He encourages them not to fear, knowing that he has gone through it and is alive, so will they. He says, "be faithful until death" not pray for a way out or build your faith up, no, it is His will for them to suffer for His name; if they are faithful until death they will receive the crown of life.

Promise: He who overcomes will not be hurt by the second death. So there is a first death and there is a second death. Let us fear more the second death then the first.

FYI: The letter written to Smyrna is the smallest out of the seven. Jesus does not waste words on them but only comforts them. He knows they are already faithful, there is not much to say but to comfort.

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